From Our Previous Students

The transition from student to lawyer can be daunting, but articling at Stieber Berlach provided me with the hands-on experiences and opportunities to put me in the best position to succeed. From preparing motion materials and arguing them in Superior Court, to running my own Small Claims files, to researching law to be relied upon at the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada, my articling experience was focused on building the skills and knowledge I needed upon my call to the Bar.

The firm offers on-your-feet experiences and engagement in all aspects of a file; opportunities abound for in-depth involvement for those who take the initiative. The breadth of areas of practice at Stieber Berlach also provided me the chance to learn about the areas of law I thought I liked, and to discover new ones I had not yet considered. This ability to test the waters and discover what piques my interest has shaped my practice into what it is today, allowing me to work in areas of the law that truly interest me.

The learning curve while articling was at times challenging but it was always rewarding.  To become a litigation lawyer you need to learn what it means to litigate; articling at Stieber Berlach provides that opportunity coupled with the support and knowledge from all members of the firm.

Nicola Brankley

It is hard to overstate how formative one’s time as a student is to their career as a litigator.

I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to article at Stieber Berlach.  As a student, I was given real responsibilities, asked to interact directly with both counsel and clients, and quickly became an essential part of the team on every file I worked on.

Students at Stieber Berlach are given the opportunity prepare pleadings and motion materials, attend examinations for discovery, and even argue their own motions.  In my own experience, I was assigned interesting, challenging, and meaningful work from the get-go and quickly found myself to be a regular in Court.  Over the course of my time as a student, I brought my own motions from scratch and argued them, handled my own small claims matters, and even assisted with two trials.

While there is always a learning curve, the lawyers at Stieber Berlach take mentorship seriously and are always happy to provide their guidance and assistance.  By the time I was called to the bar, I felt confident, ready to take on my own files, and fully integrated into the firm.  I would highly recommend articling at Stieber Berlach to anybody interested in pursuing a career in litigation.

Christian Breukelman

Articling at Stieber Berlach is an amazing experience for any student interested in civil litigation. I feel incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity and routinely draw from what I have learned during articling in my day-to-day practice.

From the first week, students are brought on to assist with complex actions, including class actions, medical malpractice, insurance coverage, personal injury, construction, and professional negligence. In addition to gaining proficiency with the Rules of Civil Procedure, students get to hone their research skills, develop advocacy skills through drafting of court materials and regular court attendances, as well as learn about case management and litigation strategy. You will also have opportunities to observe experienced counsel conduct examinations for discovery, mediations, dispositive motions, and appeals.

Stieber Berlach is a great place to grow as a litigator. The firm maintains an excellent reputation amongst the bar and with clients. All of the lawyers and staff are incredibly supportive of students, and ensure that students are welcomed, valued, included, mentored, and challenged to be their best.

Michael Connolly