From Our Previous Students

The transition from student to lawyer can be daunting, but articling at Stieber Berlach provided me with the hands-on experiences and opportunities to put me in the best position to succeed. From preparing motion materials and arguing them in Superior Court, to running my own Small Claims files, to researching law to be relied upon at the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada, my articling experience was focused on building the skills and knowledge I needed upon my call to the Bar.

The firm offers on-your-feet experiences and engagement in all aspects of a file; opportunities abound for in-depth involvement for those who take the initiative. The breadth of areas of practice at Stieber Berlach also provided me the chance to learn about the areas of law I thought I liked, and to discover new ones I had not yet considered. This ability to test the waters and discover what piques my interest has shaped my practice into what it is today, allowing me to work in areas of the law that truly interest me.

The learning curve while articling was at times challenging but it was always rewarding.  To become a litigation lawyer you need to learn what it means to litigate; articling at Stieber Berlach provides that opportunity coupled with the support and knowledge from all members of the firm.

Nicola Brankley

When you begin your articles, it can be hard to realize how much the 10 month experience will be a launching pad for your professional life. Choosing a firm that actively encourages growth is important when beginning your career as a lawyer. Stieber Berlach not only provided me with practical and hands-on work right from the get-go, I was also actively encouraged to take on more responsibility as the term went on such that the transition from student to lawyer was a natural one.

By the end of the term, you will have participated and assisted in all aspects of a file, from initial legal opinion to appeal.  You will go to court, you will be an advocate, and you will have contributed significantly to the defence of a case.  Aside from the meaningful and interesting work that the firm engages in, the people that work here take great pleasure in ensuring that you feel like a member of the team as soon as you walk in the door. Lawyers and staff alike want you to succeed, and they will help you get there.

Speaking with my peers and having articled here myself, I know that Stieber Berlach offers one of the best articling experiences in the city.

Mike Cremasco

Articling at Stieber Berlach was incredibly rewarding and thoroughly prepared me for to practice as a litigator. From the outset of my articling term, I was able to gain extensive, hands-on experience that exposed me to all aspects of legal practice. I took part in running files, appearing in court, and working directly with clients. I was entrusted with significant responsibilities, allowing me to hone my skills while receiving advice and encouragement from the lawyers at the firm.

While the knowledge I gained during articling was invaluable, the firm culture at Stieber Berlach made my experience truly one of a kind. The articling students were welcomed warmly and treated with respect. The lawyers at the firm inquired about my interests and provided me with the opportunity to assist on related files. In addition, they were receptive to any questions and were happy to spend time discussing strategy and advice with me. Any student looking to become a litigator can be assured that Stieber Berlach will provide the skills, confidence, encouragement to succeed.

Ashley Goren-Gibson