The Legal Process

If you are being defended pursuant to a policy of liability insurance, your insurer will provide us with the parameters of the defence. We will assist you in defending the claim.

When you are named in a lawsuit, we want to assure you that your matter will be handled with efficiency and effectiveness. We will work closely with you to ensure your defence is addressed with the utmost care and expertise.

Navigating the lawsuit is often a difficult and stressful experience. Our goal is to assist you every step of the litigation and keep you aware of all developments. We want to alleviate your stress. You can expect the following from the lawyer handling your defence:

  • Direct contact with you to discuss the retainer.
  • Follow up with a client letter outlining the issues raised in the claim, instructions given by your insurer with respect to the scope of the defence and steps to be taken to effect the litigation process, including gathering relevant documents, drafting a defence and the examination for discovery.
  • Based on the nature of the lawsuit, a phone conference call or a personal meeting will be requested early in the file to obtain relevant information regarding the claim. This will assist with drafting your defence. Once the defence is filed, periodic updates will be given to you throughout the litigation.
  • Upon request, ongoing discussions regarding your defence and the merits of the claim. We encourage our clients to approach us with concerns about the lawsuit so we can address any issues immediately.


We value our clients’ input and strive to ensure that clear lines of communication are developed and maintained.

We view your defence as a ‘team effort’ and you will be kept apprised of all developments throughout the litigation process.


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