A Great New Resource: Civil Procedure and Practice in Ontario

by Katie Di Tomaso, Christian Breukelman | Sep 21, 2021

Stieber Berlach LLP is pleased to share an important new free textbook, Civil  Procedure and Practice in Ontario, which includes contributions from Katie Di Tomaso as an author of two chapters annotating sections 1-5 and 15-24 of the Limitations Act, 2002 and Christian Breukleman as an author of the chapter on Rule 29 of the Rules of Civil Procedure dealing with Third Party Claims.

CPPO is found at: https://lnkd.in/gppkpcp5

CPPO is a product of University of Windsor Faculty of Law Professor Noel Semple and 135 lawyer and jurist authors. Katie and Christian joined the author group to annotate the Rules of Civil Procedure, Courts of Justice Act, and Limitations Act, 2002.

We are proud that our lawyers devoted time and effort to a free, plain-language, accessible text to provide access to justice for all users of our civil justice system.  CPPO is an excellent resource for insurance professionals, insureds, lawyers, and judges.  Helping insurers and insureds navigate the law and our court system is important and is a goal Stieber Berlach LLP has worked towards for decades.

Check out CPPO and feel free to follow up with Katie or Christian with any questions about limitations law and third party claims.